Wand of Wonder Ultimate Doom Edition

Wand of Wonder (Ultimate Doom Edition)

WoW Ultimate Doom Edition

Author: GristleDemon

Category: wand

Game System: Hackmaster

Description Unlimited charges. Roll percentile. 01-10 Disintegration. as the spell.

11-20 Resurrection or Heal on living targets. Both as spell.

21-30 Wielder obliterated, utterly and totally.

31-40 All in 50 ’ sent to Limbo. no save.

41-50 Wielder kicked in the nuts by Titan using Timestop spell. Damage at DM’s discretion but at least 15 dam per kick.

51-60 Hillbilly narrates the wielder’s life for 1d1000 days.

61-70 Draws attention of Chaos.

71-80 Act of (dark) god on all in 1000’.

81-90 Rips wielder’s soul out and replaces it with a demon or worse.

91-99 Puff of smoke shapes the word “Bang!”.

100 all PCs other then the wielder lose 1000000 EXP, save for half.

Backstory Somewhere a god of chaos decided the Wand of Wonder(WoW) needed a bit more kick and so the Ultimate Doom Edition(UDE) was born. The UDE is a nexus of magical energy forged into a physical shape. It is powered by chaos itself but influenced by evil. Some have used it to spectacular effect, most just had very fancy deaths. Wildmages are said to be capable of control the chaotic energies of WoWs but all attempts to control the UDE have failed in amazing ways. The last known wielder was one Bengrad the Gray, founding member of the Heroes of Hillsdale. The Heroes were a small adventuring company out of the town that is their namesake, Hillsdale (Ardinia). Bengrad was last see with the UDE when he was throw off mount Aisos by his fellow Heroes. Wilber Wurburt, leader of the Heroes, was heard to remark “lets climb down and resurrect him so we can throw the bastard off again.” The Heroes were last seen trying to enact this plan.

Wand of Wonder Ultimate Doom Edition

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