A world where war rages. The mighty wield power yet knowledge of the past could be the key. Over 30 nations, that I’m willing to admit to that is. More history then any sane man could care to delve into. New everything, from armor to zoology. I’m just a huge nerd who loves working on this stuff.

For the time being Tarvakar refers to the God Tarvakar…. The World Tarvakar… and the continent Tarvakar. this is just for the time being. Most of the nations currently listed believe little else to exist. The Southern continent is known to exist but it is small as most of it was destroyed long ago. To the west is cut off by the dragons of The First Lands. To the north only frost giants and great trolls dwell. So it is to the east they look for new lands….. knowing they exist thanks to the proof that is Ichia.

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