World of Tarvakar

A Perfect Day part 1

just a perfect day

It was the perfect day, there was no why or how, it simply was. Denjo and Cinnamon had come early to Whindle Hall, in that ephemeral predawn world of half dreams they came. Denjo leaping and laughing, sweet Cinnamon smiling and sneaking, the trio’s departure woke the slumbering keep. Even the softly cried curses of the weary could not catch them as they run into yet another perfect day.
To the Rapid Rush River they ran out of breath, giggles and games erupting like sudden laughter. Denjo had smoke and fire which danced upon the white waters. Cinnamon found hidden sights and smells to share with her friends. Your laughter is light, your steps merry as you try to outrun the water in its endless journey. Fish and fowl, mammal and reptile Denjo names them each in turn and chases them with joy. The words are music and your companions’ laughter the lyrics.
There are rocks here and green growing things full of life, the rushing water is forgotten and up is your new down. Green damp between your toes and Denjo is singing a silly song to the birds. Cinnamon climbs with you, all endless smile and ascension. You are above the world but below the clouds its perfect, this whole day is perfect.
Snoozing in sunlight, rolling in moss, the world moves around you three in your circle of green. As the dark creeps into the land Denjo makes fire as Cinnamon finds berries and fish. The twilight is warm and the air taste like metal, there is the sound of distant thunder. You make a fort by piling rocks as the fish cooks. Warm firelight fills the dark night, sweet smells drift in the warm breeze. Cinnamon build shelter while Denjo does tricks, then as the fire dies and the laughter subsides you drift off to sleep in a pile with your best friends.
The dawn is red and the air tastes stronger now. There is a rotten smell on the breeze and rising sun seems extra bright, or is there more than one sun? The sky is full of orange light and black clouds; Denjo is talking about fire and wants to go home. You hug him protectively as Cinnamon climb to look around.
The east is on fire but you walk toward it anyways, you do not want to but Cinnamon does. Denjo can’t stop talking and his words are all too big. Teeth and Wars and things you don’t know, you’re worried about him so you stay close. Cinnamon finds the river and you follow it, you never realized how far you ran yesterday. The water is still a rush but it’s darker now and full of floating things, some of them look like they are not things. Denjo is crying and you hug him till he is quiet but you hold his hand as you walk just in case. Cinnamon makes you leave the river and go back into the woods, grey ash is floating down on the breeze.
You see people in the fields but Cinnamon says you can not talk to them. Denjo is scared of them and wants them to go away. You pick up a rock to throw if they get to close. They are strange people, they all dress the same. They only have two colors which is silly, out of all the colors why only have two. Denjo wore a dozen colors with his patchwork vest and the stained overalls under it. His hat was red and black like the strangers but his shoes and gloves were green today like every day. Cinnamon worn brown but she said they were all different browns and that no two were the same. You were wearing your favorite colors like always but the ash was slowly smudging them grey. You are not scared of the strangers with their red and black colors. But you follow Cinnamon and do not talk to the strangers.
One of the strangers was sitting in the woods; Cinnamon was very bad and hit him on the back until he went to sleep. Denjo got more scared so you left the sleeping stranger before his friends come to wake him up. The smell is much worse now and the air makes you sick. The sounds you hear are all bad ones the strangers are in all the fields. Cinnamon makes you stay with Denjo in the deepest parts of the woods. This is fun every day you do it, every day but this one. You try to play with Denjo but he is mad at you and yells. He will not make fire and he does not care about the animals, you play in the dirt and wait for Cinnamon.
You are hungery and you do not like the deep woods anymore. Even here there is ash and the smell is everywhere. The animals all hide and the voices of the forest are silent. Denjo cried until he fell asleep and so you are alone. You know you are not suppose to be alone but if you wake Denjo he will cry again. This makes you sad but then you hear someone coming through the trees and know it will be Cinnamon. But Cinnamon does not make a sound when she walks. You do not know what to do so you wake Denjo as three strangers come out of the trees. Denjo is scared and wants them to go away. You want to show them your rock but you lost it while playing and so you have nothing to throw. The strangers have big knives like your dad uses to cut his meat and they wave the knives around. They wave the knives at you and Denjo screams for them to leave you alone. You do not like this and so you tell the strangers. They laugh at you and tell you things that make no sense. Your feet are already on the ground and your hands are at the ends of your arms so you cannot put them up. You have no gold and do not know anyone named %$&@er. Denjo is on his knees so you start to help him up then one of the strangers is very bad and hits you. You tell him he is bad and that is not allowed but the strangers laugh. They are bad and you wish your mother was there. Denjo is telling you to get on the ground and give them what they want so you try to explain but everyone is yelling. The stranger hits you again and Denjo is trying to make him stop. Then one of the strangers is so bad you do not know a word for it and pokes Denjo with his knife. Denjo screams and now he is stained red too but the strangers just laugh. You’re scared, nothing makes sense, and you do not know what to do so you ask Denjo but he is crying so you hug him. He is wet with sticky red stuff and wants to go home but you do not know how to get there. You wish Cinnamon was there and you start to cry. The strangers are laughing and Denjo is getting wetter, you know he is hurt bad. They hurt him bad so you tell the strangers, you are yelling at them but they laugh more and circle around you. The one in front of you is waving his knife and talking, the one to your right keeps laughing and the one on your left walks loud. You grab the talking stranger’s arm so he cannot poke you with his knife, he screams and kicks but you hold on tight. The loud walker rushes at you so you hit him with the one who is screaming. The laughing man stops laughing and pokes you in the leg with his knife, it hurts bad and you cry for your mom. You are very bad and hit the man who poked you, then you remember the other man poked Denjo but you do not know which one so you hit them both. You are wet with sticky red stuff and crying. Denjo is still crying on the ground and you don’t know what to do. The strangers do not move but you are still mad at them. You find a rock and hit them with it till all their metal is bent and broken. Denjo is crying or he would yell at you for being bad. You know you are being very bad and you will be in trouble but you are angry. The strangers are bad and they hurt your friend, they hurt you, and you do not know where Cinnamon is. You take the biggest rock you can find and you wait by Denjo. If the strangers wake up you will be as bad as you can and hit them very hard until they go to sleep. You cradle Denjo on your lap and you feel tired.



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