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  • De Silva

    super short info ahahah !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/17820/De_Silva.png(De silva)! Main House Location: Main Military Bases: [[De Silva Keep]], De Silva are the second most powerful family in [[Beld]]. They focus on mercenaries and …

  • Da Vinci

    super short info bonus gain +50 percentile points to INT score. so INT 14/55 becomes INT 15/05 can buy [[Melkin]] goods, even as starting gear if they can afford it.

  • Noaro

    short info 3rd most powerful family in [[Beld]]. gain a bonus of +50 percentile points to DEX score. so DEX 14/55 becomes DEX 15/05. in beld they have access to drugs and poison. in [[beld]] they have 50% off spells, buying them or hiring them.

  • Daroko

    short info gain plus 50 percentile points to CHA. so CHA 14/55 becomes CHA 15/05. Pirate Cunning. Gain plus 10% to all skill checks at sea. Minor families that support Daroko: [[Valentino]], [[Emanuel]].

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