Ice Giants

Few in numbers the Ice giants are the old race from which frost giants, Hoar Giants and Spire Giants descend. Ice giants live for thousands of years, nearly all of this time is spent totally alone. They do not need “food” as we know it but “eat” star-light and “drink” in the bitter northern winds. They are a deep ice blue in color with blue to white hair and they grow to an average height of 18 feet. Average weight 7500LBS.
Ice Giant males make up about 99% of the remaining population and single males will always be encountered alone. Female Ice giants are usually about 25% larger than their male counterparts and grow to an average height of about 22 feet and weight about 9400LBS but one should NEVER mention this near them. Males that manage to mate with a female will be admitted into her harem of males so long as continue to perform, males that fail to join or those that are kicked out linger around the fringes of the clan trying to gain favor any way they can. These “Rogue Males” are the most likely to attack settlements as most feel they have nothing to lose. Females usually keep harems of 5 to 10 males but especially powerful females will have many times that. The young are raised by the entire clan and do to the rarity of births are considered a blessing from the gods, female births are seen as nothing less than divine favor. Twins are almost unheard of, while identical twins are the stuff of legend.

EXP 9000.
Climate: arctic and Antarctic only.
Frequency: Very Rare.
Activity Cycle: ANY.
Diet: Special.
INT: Average but they are slow to think and react.
Alignment: NN to CE.

  1. Appearing: 1 or 1D6+5, for each male in the clan there is a 5% chance of 1D4-2(min 0) young ice giants. Treat juvenile giants as frost giants and children as hill giants or ogres depending on age.
    Size: H (18 feet).
    MV 12.
    Morale: 10 (20 when defending their young).
    AC -1 (5).
  2. Attacks: 1.
    DAM: 1D8 or by weapon, plus 10. Hurled rocks 2D10.
    Immune to cold. Weakness to fire.
    HD 15 plus 5.

Immune to cold, can hurl rocks 200 yards and catch large missiles 50% of the time.

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Ice Giants

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