Stone Haven


Founded by The Wayward Blades.

Population: 56 plus the adventurers. most are gnomes with a few gnome titans and humans.

Mayor: NONE (Was the Bloodmage Vallen).

Mark the Innkeeper. gnome gnome with a good head on his shoulders.

Lucky Apprentice of Vyce Yellagar. smart young man but a little odd.

Gorgy the Cook. young gnome with a skill for flavor.

Yohan the Brewer. Young gnome who still has alot to learn about brewing.

Sebastian the Carpenter. Very Young but skilled human carpenter.

James the Shopkeeper. young adult human with a good head for math.

Sally the Tailor. very young human tailor.

Lilly the Teacher. Young Adult Gnome from a well to do family.

The Jenner Family. human. Largest family in town, two branches. one side are farmers the other raise cattle.

The Stone Haven Guards. Small town guard made up of gnome titans and led by Jack Murder’s wife.

The Durndil Family. gnomes, second largest family in town, one branch. farmers.

The Jogger Family. gnomes, second smallest family in town. wine makers.

The Cumberbun Family. gnomes.

The Masterson Family. gnomes.

The Stevenson Family. humans.

The Hardhands Family. Gnome Titans,Smallest family. They are trying to be farmers but fair poorly.

Stone Haven

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