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Some basic info.

Tarvakar, the continent, is the northern continent on what is considered the western hemisphere.
The southern continent was destroyed, leaving only the Blazing Shore and a few small islands. To the west the First Lands block all passage and so for now only the dragons know what lands are beyond. To the east the desert of Jex and Hildigran slowly becomes grasslands and great plains forming the continent the locals call Aggomar. what lays farther east none are quite sure.

Current Year is YH 1998. a note on time keeping.

The Northern nations are (from west to east): Gennemon, Jadavac, UUN, Katoon, and the Fire Elves.

The Central Nations are (clock-wise from the north-west): Storm Peak Mountain, Great Velt, Orgnulgo forest, Yasten Hills, Kor, Doonan, Hildigran, Jex, Zwitch Desert, the Bloodlands, Terminia, Ardinia, Peltesh, and the Dwarfs of the Copper Hills.

The Southern nations are (clock-wise from the north-west): the dwarfs of the Steel Mountains, Vigil, Janid,Melkin, Rabidash, Virox, Euphibia, Ichia, Lunidan, Wartooth, Beld, the Tetch Swamp, vigil again then the First Lands.

The Island Nations (& underwater too!) are…. lets just list the closest groups for now from west to east: Yaz, the Beldish Isles call the Nunk’ul’urgli Islands by the natives, and the Dusk Island.


Ruler and Government Type


Flora and Fauna of Tarvakar



Melkin Inventions

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Beld: Noble’s none/variable. Peasant’s Beld the Divine.

Janid: Janid & her current incarnation the Queen.

Wartooth: Beld the True.

Rabidash: the Great Wolf.

Virox: Unknown.

Melkin: the Peacemaker.

Lunidan: the Captain! Chance/luck or the great Gamble.

Ichia: Hachimon.

Halflings of Euphibia: the Earthfather

Jex: divinity of humanity.

Hildigran: None was the same as Jex.

Doonan: the Hive Mother.

Fire Elves: Nova

Sky Elves: Nymbus

Katoon: Hulgen the Mighty.

Kor: The Eyes.

Gnomes of Yasten Hills:

UUN: Unknown but definitely EVIL gods.

Jadavac: Knowledge. Any friendly gods are allowed.

FrostGiants: Frost.

Gennemon: Lexin the Lifemaker.

Great Velt: Velt the Vengeful.

Orgnulgo forest: the five elements

Terminia: Termin the righteous.

Peltesh: divinity of humanity.

Ardinia: Ardin the pure.

Vigil: the Guardian of Light

First Lands: Tiamat.

Vision City: Unknown.
New Freeport: the Captain.
Bloodlands: Chaos.
Great Sands: The oasis Master.
Black pyramid: Hergza Al’zulg.

Mountain Dwarves: the Deeplord

Hill Dwarves: Owgrenneden Axehead

Dusk Island: Exalvis Gloommantle.

Nunk’ul’urgli Islands: the island of Unhadi is controlled by Beld. De’unchi, Cka’lutcha, Foolaka, were controlled by Beld but rebelled. Tert’unlu was controlled by both Beld and Ichia until the savages of the Dusk Island assaulted the island turning it into a raiding base. Tugawasich (called Galu’nati by the natives) is controlled by Ichia. The religions are a mix as a result, with an old culture movement gaining more support daily.

Yaz: Unknown

Blazing Shore: The Mountain of God!

Pelidian Cluster: Unknown

Forbiden Isle: Oceanna the Ocean Goddess.

Racial characteristics

Beldish: Dark eyes and tan skin. Hair dark brown to black mostly straight haired. Eyes brown with some blue.

Lowrgian: light skin and eyes. Dusty Blond to platinum hair mostly curvy hair. Teal to bluegray eyes (some red eyes).

Unvilen: hairy stout people. Red to Redblond hair mostly curvy hair. Blue or brown eyes.

Velnan: tall people. Very blond to redblond/white mostly straight hair. Green or blue eyes.

Ichian: somewhat short people. Dark straight hair with brown to green eyes. Light somewhat colored skin.

Orgnulgo: slender dark tan/red skin. Black hair straight or curvy. Eyes dark brown to metallic orange.

Nunk’ul’urgli: dark brown to near black skin. Hair black mostly very curvy or dreaded. Brown eyes. Unhadi have lighter skin and straighter hair, some have blue eyes. They tend to be slighter but taller. De unchi, Ckalutcha, Foolaka sometimes have somewhat lighter skin and straighter hair but never have blue eyes. De unchi are stockier and have more hair. Cka lutchi are taller and slender with very dark skin. Foolaka have the least hair and darkest skin. Tert Unlu have Ichian and Beldish features and have the widest range of hair and eyes. Tugawasich are shorter with lighter skin and sometimes green eyes.

Sanguinian: dead race. The first bloodmages and a once mighty empire. Actually red skin with red, orange, yellow or even gold eyes, hair is blood red to orange and mostly curvy.. The people of Virox are a deluded line of this race. They have normal human skin (dark or light depending on heritage) but all have red to yellow eyes. Sometimes a redskinned golden eyes child is born and instantly adopted by the red council.

Ruler and Government Type

Beld: Prince Poalo Valicomi. Monarchy

Janid: The Queen Virginia Valicomi. Gynarchy. Monarchy

Wartooth: Baron Otto Von Wartooth the 6th. Chauvinist Militocracy Fascism.

Rapidash: the Great Wolf. Autocracy Theocracy.

Virox: the Red Council. Bloodmagocracy(I made that one up)

Melkin: Melkin Council. Democracy.

Lunidan: Anarchy! RR ANARCHY!!!

Ichia: Dyamio Hihiachi Oda. Monarchy Fascism

Halflings: President Hilden Brenneil. Republic.

Jex: Priest council. Communist Theocracy.

Hildigran: Mage council. Magocracy Pedocracy

Doonan: the Hive Mother. Autocracy

Fire Elves: Unknown.

Sky Elves: Unknown.

Katoon: Lady Holgen. Theocracy

Kor: Old Bones with minor Ogre separatist movement led by Kulalas. Theocracy Confederacy.

Gnomes: Merchant Families. Plutocracy

UUN: Oligarchy

Jadavac: Furbolg clans & Council of Sages. Republic Confederacy

FrostGiants: Monarchy

Gennemon: Communism

Great Velt: Oligarchy Fascism

Orgnulgo forest: Theocracy

Terminia: King Termin the Xth. Monarchy.

Peltesh: PriestKing. Geriatocracy theocracy.

Ardinia: King Simon Synclair. Monarchy

Vigil: Theocracy Autocracy.

First Lands: Autocracy confederacy.

Waste: Anarchy
Vision City: the First Citizen. Democracy
New Freeport: the Council of Three, Anarchy.
Bloodlands: Silverblood. Autocracy.
Great Sands: The oasis Master. Autocracy.
Black pyramid: Hergza Al’gul. Theocracy.

Dwarves: Clans Confederacy

Dusk Island: Exalvis Gloomantle. Autocracy.

Yaz: Unknown. Pedocracy

Blazing Shore: Theocrachy

[Pelidian Cluster]]:NONE

Forbiden Isle: Tribal.

This is just a very simple outline.

Economic info


Unvilen Gods
Western Gods
Old gods of the Unvilen peoples. Aside from Lexin and Pglom they are all thought to have actually lived as mortals. Unvilen culture is centered on heroes and their deeds.

Format is Name, Role, Influences.

Lexin, the Lifemaker, Creator of Life.
Created the Unvilen People. Lives in the sun and watches all things. Named Uloro his Huntress.

Pglom, Beast of night, Death and the Night.
The night sky and the stars are his eyes. The lurking fear of death and impotence. Waiting, knowing, wanting nothing, and getting everything.

Dyrg, Twin Brothers, Creator of Civilization.
Made the first city(Ykin) and nation(Crtkarn). Bringer of reason. Beloved creation of Lexin. Eternal foe of Kyrl.

Kyrl, Twin Brothers, Destroyer of Civilization.
Burner of Ykin. Murderer of Eiyr Leska. Greatest Warchief. Doom of the Unvilen. Eternal foe of Dyrg.

Oce, Lord of Magic & Drink, Mystic Wise-man.
Drunk old man. Teaches magic to Dyrg. May actually be a god from another world.

Eiyr Leska, Warder, Guardian Goddess.
Protector of the weak. Gold Dragon. Helps the Unvilen learn and grow. Murdered by Kyrl.

Marl, the Great Bear, Beast Spirit of the Mountains.
Very very huge Stormpeak Bear. Sometimes good sometimes bad.
Known to kill dragons. Rumored to be alive and well today.

Uloro, Provider, Huntress of Lexin.
Lexin’s Champion. Foe of Pglom. Guardian of life. Friend to all Good Heroes.

Yimi, Heroen, Slayer of Beasts.
Sole Survivor of Ykin. Leads the army of Crtkarn against Kyrl. Hates monsters.

Liuawla, Wildman, God of Nature.
Mad Forest Spirit(Elf). fickle as he is ruthless. Savage like the laws of nature. As long lived as the rocks. He is sometimes an ally but mostly a pain.

Velnan Gods
Northern Gods

These are the old gods of the Velnan tribes that would form the northern nations. Mostly they are not worshiped much anymore but still retain small followings.

format is Name, Role, Influences.

Ulgvan. the Frost Walker. Winter, the Hunt, Guardian.
A giant blue warrior. He is blamed for the cruelty of winter but also seen as a guardian. He aids the hunters in finding game.

Tgav. the Wandering God. Magic, Mystery, Evil.
Strange being from another time. He likes to toy with mortals and wields great magic.

Wulvug. the Mighty. Might, Rage, Drinking.
As big as he is ugly and as drunk as he is strong. He is sometimes a hero but mainly just a man. He has been known to join great battles out of anger, or because someone spilled his drink.

Lemni. the Spring. Change, Healing, Cornucopia.
Sweet child of nature she ushers the life back into the world after the death of winter.

Kaura. the Hag. Wisdom, Leadership, Heroes.
Once she was head of the gods but now she is hardly remembered. Her son is Udlun. She helped make heroes and then tested them. Most die but a few become legends.

Hisk. the Vile. Seduction, Poison, Traps.
Turns the people against Udlun. She manipulates and torments everyone. She is hated to this day in Jadavac and viewed as the mother of evil.

Udlun. the Doomed. Fortitude/Endurance, Stoic Heroism, Mountains.
The greatest hero of the Velnan. He just wanted to live free and climb mountains. Tgav and Hisk hate him. His mother(Kaura) saw doom in his life but also that he would be the greatest of heroes. Udlun faced many challenges and was never given credit. In the end he not only united and saved the Velnan people but all of the north as well. Hisk turned the people against him with her poisoned words and he was sentenced to death. Udlun died after 5 days of Frostdreaming, method of torture that involves the condemned being stripped and hung from a jagged ice wall. Udlun founded the Library of Kyberv in Jadavac. He would never be honored in life but is considered the greatest hero of the north to this day.

Gods of Tarvakar

These beings made the world. They do not gain power from mortal worshipers and so have very few. They are more forces of nature then gods and for the most part do not interfere, or notice, mortals.

Format is Name, Role, Influences.

Oceanna. Goddess of Water. Travel, Knowledge.

Nymbus. God of air. Weather, Divination, War.
Nymbus is the second most worshipped of the elemental gods, the first being his brother Tarvakar god of earth. Nymbus is worshipped in Euphibia, Velt, Jadavac, Hildigran, elemental forest and many of the islands. Like all the elemental gods most of his worshipers are non human. He is worshipped by cload and storm giants, Silver and Blue Dragons and farmers everywhere. Most of his clerics and worshipers are sky elves. He is seen as the creator of weather, thats why the farmers pray. Many divinators follow him. He is the elemental War god and strikes down those who offend the elder gods. He is a bit self centered and really wants to be worshipped more then his brother. Nymbus grants more flashy powers, lightning and yes flight, then his siblings in hopes of winning more followers. He does this out of pride not need. He is not the strongest of the Elemental gods. Nymbus created the Sky Elves and is terribly afraid of Star Crested Fidgets despite being the patron of all birds. This started not to long ago when the odd bird was first found, it was assumed to be Nymbus’s creation. The gods followers denied it up and down, even commune with higher plane spells have given firm but vage "no"s. Many of the best magic bows, duh, are made by his druids and rangers.

Nova, Goddess of Fire. Destruction, Birth/Creation, Change.

Tarvakar. God of Earth. Power, Guardian, Resolve.

Estiv and Elebra. Twin God and Goddess of Partying. PARTY!

Vulguv. Beast of Decay. Poison, Disease, Entropy.

The Unspeakable. Death. Death, Multidimensional Travel.

Lee’ettel. Goddess of TLC. Healing, Peace, Love.

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